Welcome to the new BTTC Website

In 1929, the women in the derby were flying the latest and greatest airplanes of the era. When I began actualizing my dream of telling their story full time, my website was also considered state of the art. However, with any new technology, one must keep up with the times and changes. 

I will always be proud of the website Nanette Malher helped me create and for all her hard work related to BTTC. Not only did she keep the website up and running, Nanette created the original, and wonderful, music in the documentary, and has been a steadfast supporter in our mutual passion as independent artists and sharing in the responsibility we both feel to tell inspiring stories. 

In the years since the first BTTC website went live, we continually updated it when necessary, put fresh paint on it from time to time, and tried to keep pace with the technological advances and social media explosions.

Now, ten years after the original website launched, it's time for me to try out my own wings and fly with the goal of building and managing my own site. There will be bumps and bruises as I learn how to navigate the latest technology (and potentially a few 'crashes') but it is my hope that those of you who have found this site will be encouraged, inspired, and empowered to tackle new projects as well. The women in the derby certainly provide role models for being innovative, and excited by new technology. Whatever modalities I use to tell the women's stories, however, I will always strive to honor their legacy and make them, and their families, proud. 

Thanks to all who have taken time to visit my site and support my mission.

Heather Taylor, Executive Producer of Breaking Through The Clouds.