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"For the rest of my life I will treasure the day you gave to us yesterday (at the premiere). Everyone loved the film and felt it was just the right tone, and it made them all, to a person, feel very proud to be involved with you and the film. Thank you so much for all you have given to us."
                           — Mary (Jo) Von Mach, Mary Von Mach's Great Niece

"Such a great amount of research you have done! Photographs, film coverage, interviews - all come together beautifully! Thank you for your wonderful tribute to women and aviation!"
                           — Barbara O'Malley, Mother to Governor Martin O'Malley (Maryland)
                               Librarian for the docents at National Air & Space Museum

"Our family was extremely impressed with "Breaking Through the Clouds." I was touched to see footage of Aunt Blanche in the documentary. The only information I have had on the air race has been print media, and the documentary brought all of the pilots' accomplishments to life. I can't wait to share the documentary with the younger members of my family. Hopefully it will inspire them to reach for their goals, whether it is in aviation, or any endeavor in life. Congratulations Heather on a job extremely well done. Thank you for sharing your dream with us!"
                            — Lauren Bachman, Blanche Noyes' Great Niece

"Heather — Such an awesome documentary. We were amazed at the number of similarities in the race from 1929 to 2010. Amazing. But what is more amazing is how you captured the spirit and the feeling of sharing this incredible experience with some really awesome women — that part and the friendships and bonds that are made are something that touches all of our hearts. Thanks for the journey!"
                            — Terry Carbonell, 2010 Air Race Classis Winner

"I watched Breaking Through the Clouds last night. It is OUTSTANDING. Heather, the amount of comprehensive research you did on the Race and on the status of women in aviation was remarkable. I learned so much, and you struck a great balance between historical information, personal stories, and reinforcing the theme of women's rights and women's roles (not just in aviation, but in society). We will certainly have a copy at the Maryland Women's Heritage Center. Thanks for your amazing passion and commitment to this project."
                            — Linda Shevitz, Maryland Women's Heritage Center Board Member

"Two thumbs up, and congrats on the achievement of capturing 1929, flying, the pilots, and the race. A well deserved standing ovation at the premiere!"
                            — Andrew King, Pilot, Aviation Historian

"My Dad lived through this era, remembers the Derby and some of the names - Amelia, Pancho of course. But, he is an extremely difficult to please sort of person 'because' he lived through aviation history. He was 10 years old when the Derby took place and said he remembers getting the news of it through the newsreels. With the opening, the lined-up running engines, he began smiling . . . He was very, very pleased and was naming off the airplanes as they appeared - that's a Monocoupe, that's a Travel Air . . . he was most impressed that the airplanes themselves were accurate. He said most filmmakers know the general public doesn't know the difference, so they don't bother with accuracy . . . he really, really enjoyed it and said you get an A+ - and did an excellent job. Dad doesn't give an A+ to anyone!"
                            — Viewer in New Hampshire

(attending the premiere) " . . . was a fantastic experience on many levels. For 12 years, Taylor has been researching and weaving together the individual stories of the 20 women pilots who flew in the very first Women's Transcontinental Air Race in 1929. She found reams of fascinating newsreel footage and still photos and scored interviews with two of the participants, and she also shot numerous, beautiful air-to-air sequences of classic airplanes. For the premiere, she brought in not only her immediate family — her dad and brother are pilots — but also family members of some of the racers. It made for an inspiring evening. Sitting in a roomful of women pilots who had just finished the thirty-fourth annual Air Race Classic, this woman pilot was overwhelmed.
                            — Jill W. Tallman, Associate Editor, AOPA

"Heather's work is first rate and I most highly recommend that every woman pilot out there take the time to watch it (Breaking Through the Clouds)."
                            — Laura Smith, Pilot for Southwest Airlines

"If you only purchase one aviation DVD this year, this is the one to buy."
                            — Cris Takacs, International Women's Air & Space Museum (IWASM)